Marketing Events Awards Key Dates



As the region began its gradual return to normalcy in 2022, event marketers and planners were at the edge of their seat, waiting for the reappearance of physical events.

After adapting to the challenges brought on by the pandemic, and shifting to virtual and hybrid models while acquiring completely new skillsets and knowledge compared to traditional in-person events, it’s time to push the envelope again.

It’s not a “return” to how events used to be run, but a meshing of the best of both pre-pandemic and con-pandemic practices that defines today’s modern event organiser.

That’s why MARKETING-INTERACTIVE is thrilled to return for the 12th year to discover, recognise, and reward the very best in event marketing and production. The Marketing Events Awards is open to countries from across South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania regions. Judged by an independent panel of senior client-side marketers, the Marketing Events Awards continues to be the definitive awards programme for all event professionals.


We have 44 categories available for both clients and agencies to enter. Set yourself apart and demonstrate to our expert judging panel of industry leaders why you should be a winner at the next Marketing Events Awards.

What’s new in 2023?

Best Event 100-500 Attendees

Best EventMore Than 500 Attendees

Best Hybrid Event (B2C)

Best Use ofSustainability

Why Enter?

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE prides itself on developing events that reflect an ever-evolving industry and on delivering the best possible opportunities for those who take part.

By entering the Marketing Events Awards 2023 you can:

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Showcase your best work, achievements and innovations to our independent, brand-side judges and potential clients

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Increase credibility and gain industry-wide recognition for your events, teams and company

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Receive extensive coverage across MARKETING-INTERACTIVE's media platforms before and after the event

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Raise your profile to help attract new business

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Remind current clients that you are one of the best

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Celebrate your successes across your company and project teams

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Boost team morale, motivation and reward outstanding work

Make sure your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and your events get the recognition they deserve!

Entries will close on 2 June 2023 so start your entries today.

Judging Criteria

Your entry will be evaluated on the following four key areas (please read the Entry Guidelines for full descriptions):

Context / Challenge


(Max. 300 words)

What were the primary objectives of the event? Who was the target audience? What key challenges did you face?



(Max. 500 words)

Provide a clear rationale of why the specific event was chosen to help address the marketing problem. Outline the creative thinking behind it and how it was developed to conceive an impactful and meaningful idea. What was the core insight and creative thinking on which you based your strategy?



(Max. 500 words)

How was your strategy implemented and brought to life? Describe the experience through the eyes of the target audience. What other important factors were meaningful to the success of the initiative? What was unique? What was wild and new? What technology (if any) was leveraged?



(Max. 450 words)

How did the event / initiative / campaign perform? Give clear evidence / metrics demonstrating its performance. Provide a case study for why it solved the marketing problem you faced and a clear rationale as to why you believe this qualified for a Marketing Events Award.

Panel of Judges

Our expert judging panel will be announced soon. Keep an eye on our page for all updates on the judging panel.
If you interested in joining the judging panel, please contact Shan Ee at +65 6423 0329 or shanee@marketing-interactive.com.


We would like to thank our past judges for their time and effort in 2022

Sanchita Johri

Sanchita Johri

Director Digital Activation, Media and CRM for Emerging Markets


Hardik Kevadiya

Hardik Kevadiya

Director of Marketing

AGS Health

Allison Chew

Allison Chew

Head of PR, Brand and Marketing

AIA Singapore

Meghann Reeves

Meghann Reeves

Chief Marketing Officer

Australian Fashion Group