ABout the Awards

Designed to discover, recognise, and reward the most stunning work in the PR and communications industry across North Asia region, MARKETING-INTERACTIVE is proud to once again present the PR Awards – the definitive awards programme for PR professionals on both the client and agency side.

An independent panel of industry leaders and senior communications experts from the client-side will judge the entries, providing an opportunity to showcase your best work to the wider industry and increase your credibility. Participating in the PR Awards allows you to claim your position at the forefront of success while celebrating the wealth of talent and expertise within your PR team.

This year, we offer 35 categories that reflect the diverse industry verticals and disciplines across the public relations spectrum. Each entry will be judged fairly and objectively, regardless of budget, scale, or resources. Every submission will be evaluated within its own context and based on its own merits, ensuring a level playing field for both large and small companies and campaigns.

Making it to the shortlist of the PR Awards is a significant achievement, affirming the quality of your work among competitors and peers. It also serves as an essential tool to celebrate the talent and expertise within your PR team.

Mark your calendars and seize the chance to set yourself apart with innovative strategies and outstanding achievements. Don’t let your hard work go unnoticed, and ensure your team receives the recognition it deserves! 

Check out last year’s highlights to see a little taster for what’s in store (and more) for 2024!