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Gala Dinner: 11 July, 2024 (Thursday)
Venue: Kowloon Shangri-La (venue map)
Dress Code: Carnival Extravaganza

Marketing Events Awards Key Dates

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 In an era where engaging and immersive experiences are key to capturing attention and building meaningful connections, Marketing Events Awards recognises the industry leaders who have pushed the boundaries of creativity, strategy, and execution in the realm of live events and activations. 

Last year, we saw an explosive number of entries and superb work as the events industry came back to life. Marketing Events Awards serves as a hub of inspiration for event professionals, marketers, and enthusiasts. Prove your brilliance with your stories of groundbreaking concepts, flawless executions, and impactful event marketing campaigns. 

The Marketing Events Awards are a testimony to your successes, and the challenges you have had to overcome in an evolving landscape of marketing events. 

Judged by an independent panel of judges comprising senior marketers, the awards present the perfect opportunity to not only showcase your best work to the wider industry (as well as potential future clients), but also increase credibility for your events and mark yourself as an industry leader. 

Join us at Marketing Events Awards as we celebrate the power of live experiences and their ability to connect brands with their customers in unprecedented ways. Let us honour and recognise the region’s top event marketers who have raised the bar in the art of event creation and engagement.



This year, 35 categories are open for entry to reflect the breadth and creativity of the industry. Check out the details of the categories and demonstrate to our expert judges why you should be a winner at this year’s Marketing Events Awards.

Good luck with your entries!

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Why Enter?

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE prides itself on developing events that reflect an ever-evolving industry and on delivering the best possible opportunities for those who take part.

By entering the Marketing Events Awards 2024 you can:

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Showcase your best work, achievements and innovations to our independent, expert, client-side judges and potential future clients

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Increase credibility and gain industry-wide recognition as an award-winning company

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Receive extensive coverage across MARKETING-INTERACTIVE and social media, before and after the event

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Raise your profile to help attract new business

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Remind current clients that you are still the best!

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Celebrate your successes across your company and project teams

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Boost team morale and reward outstanding work

Make sure your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and your teams get the recognition they deserve!

Judging Criteria

Your entry will be evaluated on the following four key areas (please read the Entry Guidelines for full descriptions):

Campaign Awards:



Who/what was the client/brand/event? What were the primary objectives of the event? Who was the target audience? What key challenges did you face?



How did the event help address the marketing challenge? Outline your strategic thinking and solution to the event objectives. What made this an inventive and out-of-the-box event? Explain the reasons behind your approach.



Describe how you implemented the core strategy, event concept and creative rationale. Describe the experience through the eyes of the target audience. What other important factors were meaningful to the success of the initiative? Illustrate the elements (for example, digital, technology, solutions) used and how they were brought to life.



What was the result? What evidence/metrics do you have that this was an effective and innovative event? How did it deliver to your challenge? Supply any facts and figures which demonstrate the success of the event.

Team Award:



Outline the company’s position in the industry, along with resources and budgets involved. Illustrate the team dynamics or partner relationship in detail. Outline the key roles and responsibilities, and years of experience.



Outline how the team or partner went above and beyond expectations and deserves recognition for their achievements. Relevant evidence of the team’s/partner’s performance to prove and justify success in the judging year.



Elaborate how you developed your campaigns over the judging period. What made this significant and unique? The information judges will be examining for is key campaigns and selected case studies.



Illustrate how your team communicated your company’s perspectives and objectives. What made this significant and unique? The information judges will be looking for is industry contribution.

Panel of Judges

Our expert judging panel will be announced soon. Keep an eye on our page for all updates on the judging panel.

If you interested in joining the judging panel, please contact Selina Kwok at +852 2695 6606 or selinak@lighthouse-media.com


We would like to thank our past judges for their time and effort in 2023!

Heidi Chu

Heidi Chu

Head of Marketing

BSH Home Appliances Hong Kong

Emily Leung

Emily Leung

Associate Director, Marketing

Capital Group

Patrick Fong

Patrick Fong

Head of Trade Marketing (Hong Kong & Taiwan)


Rita Wan

Rita Wan

Head of Branding and Marketing Communications

FTLife Insurance Company


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