Entry Submission

How to Enter?

Submitting your entries for the DigiZ Awards is simple and completely online. The entry submission deadline is 14 June 2023 (Wed) at 6pm.

To ensure that your entries are submitted successfully and are given the attention they deserve, here are a few items to take note of when preparing your entries.

  • Firstly, download and read the Entry Guidelines. This will guide you through the submission process. Follow the instructions and specific category requirements to ensure your entries are submitted successfully.
  • Please download and use the Core Submission Templates provided to prepare your Entry Submission Document without altering/deleting the words in header, 30% of marks will be deducted otherwise.
  • All entries, supporting documents, and required items can be submitted via the “I’m Ready to Enter” link at the bottom of this page.
  • Entrants are strongly encouraged to gather all entry materials like photos, videos and charts before starting the entry process.
  • Please ensure that all details you enter into the Entry Details are CONSISTENT with the details on the Core Submission Document you upload.
  • Upon submission deadline, all entry details, including company names, credits and so on, are FINAL and CANNOT be changed and/or transferred to another party.
  • Please include an event photo or image that represents your entry in your submission that can be used on all marketing material, on the screen on the night of the awards, and in the magazine etc.


Once you’re ready to go, all entries can be submitted via the below “I’m Ready to Enter” link.

Submission Deadline

Wednesday 14 June 2023, 6:00pm.

Judging Criteria

Your entry will be evaluated on the following four key areas (please read the Entry Guidelines for full descriptions):

Digital Campaign, Digital Strategy & Solution Awards Categories

Challenge (10%)

  • The market situation the business/brand was operating in.
  • A clear description of the business/brand-consumer challenge that was being addressed.
  • Any key statistics which help illustrate the scale of this challenge in more detail.

Strategy (30%)

  • Description of your digital strategy.
  • The core insight or idea the work was built on.
  • An outline of your creative, and the innovation you used, along with the unique features underlying them.
  • How these were developed to be both distinctive and impactful.

Execution (30%)

  • An overview of how your campaign/strategy was implemented and its level of success.
  • The different tactics/mediums used and their role within the campaign/programme.
  • Details on how well the digital integration was delivered in overcoming the challenge.

Results (30%)

  • Clear evidence/metrics demonstrating the performance, along with quantifying the results.
  • How this solved the marketing challenge you faced.
  • A clear rationale as to why you believe this qualifies for a DigiZ Award.
Martech Awards Categories

Company Profile & Leadership (20%)

  • A brief introduction of your company, including the market you are operating in, key roles and responsibilities of your people and leaders, years of experience, etc.
  • Describe how you have succeeded in managing your teams, including development, retention, and key talent hires.
  • Demonstrate how effectively the leaders lead the company in terms of operations, business growth, and reputation.
  • You might want to include: key hires/promotions; staff turnover, retention and satisfaction; training and development initiatives.

Product (30%)

  • Detail your products/works developed over the awards period which are relevant to the category that you are entering. Outline the strategic thinking of the works.
  • Explained the creative ideas and innovation behind your works. How they stand out from others in the industry and what makes them significant and unique.
  • The information judges will be examining for is key market-leading products/works and selected case studies, innovation and discipline developed.
  • You might want to include: any game-changing strategies and innovations; Key recognition and client testimonials.

Performance (30%)

  • Outline the performance of your company over the awards period and how you have gone above and beyond expectations and deserves recognition for the achievements.
  • Consider the measurable metrics/statistics on the success of your strategies in relation to the initial objectives / KPI which are relevant to the category you are entering.
  • Some information judges will be looking for is commercial (annual turnover, net profit and growth), new business (wins and success ratios).

Perspective (20%)

  • Tell us about the vision behind your strategies and how your organisation is an industry leader.
  • Demonstrate your most important achievements within the judging periods. You might want to include: industry contribution and thought leadership; any articles and research published in the eligible period; any presentations by senior representatives from your organisation in the eligible period; awards won and/or testimonials in the eligible period.
Best MarTech Team Category

Team profile (20%)

  • An outline of the company’s position in the industry, along with the resources and budgets involved.
  • Illustrate the team dynamics or partner relationship in detail.
  • Outline the key roles and responsibilities and years of experience.

Work (30%)

  • Elaborate how you have developed and execute your campaigns over the judging period. 
  • Outline the strategic thinking of the works. Describe how you implemented the core strategy to the campaigns. What makes this significant and unique?
  • The information judges will be examining for is key campaigns and selected case studies.

Performance (30%)

  • Outline how the team or partner went above and beyond expectations and deserves recognition for their achievements.
  • Relevant evidence of the team’s/partner’s performance to prove and justify success in the judging year.

Vision (20%)

  • Illustrate how your team has been communicating your company’s perspectives and objectives.
  • What makes this significant and unique?
  • The information judges will be looking out for is industry contribution.
  • All “Digital Campaign” and “Digital Strategy & Solution” categories are open to client organisations and brands based in Asia. However, digital agencies, advertising agencies, media agencies, PR firms, ad networks, media owners, app developers and service providers can submit entries on behalf of their clients. For “Martech” categories, are opening to martech solution providers based in Asia. And for the “Talent” category, both clients and agencies based in Asia are welcome to join.
  • All work, campaigns or initiatives must have been conceptualised and carried out in Asia market. Work can be created and delivered for a wider regional market but the audience must still include the eligible regions & countries and the featured results should outline the specific achievements from the campaign(s).
  • All work, campaigns or initiatives must have been launched or active between the eligibility period of 1 January 2022 – 31 December 2022 with demonstrable results achieved during this period.* Please note that work submitted for last year’s awards cannot be resubmitted for this year’s event.
  • Entrants may submit the same works/campaigns/initiatives into multiple categories or different works/campaigns/initiatives into one category. There is no limit to the number of entries an entrant may submit. However, when submitting multiple entries, entrants must tailor their individual submissions accordingly and outline how they suit the specific category at hand.
Fees and Payment

Entry Fee:
HK$1,950 per entry

Payment Methods:
Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX).
Cheques and bank transfers welcome for any amounts over HK$10,000.

* All entry fees are non-refundable. Trophy is not included in the entry fees.

Terms & Conditions
  • All entry fees are non-refundable.
  • Entries will not be considered for judging if payment is not received within five working days upon being invoiced, if invoice is required before payment.
  • By submitting the entry, the entrants guarantee that all the works/information submitted are TRUE and ACCURATE. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE reserves the right to verify any information submitted in the entry.
  • Upon submission deadline, all details on the entry submission form, including company names, credits and so on, are FINAL and CANNOT be changed and/or transferred to another party. Details will be reflected on the website, trophy (presented on the awards night, should you win) and/or any other awards-related materials. Any changes made after submission will be charged 10% of the submission fee.
  • Also, please ensure that all details are submitted in ENGLISH only.
  • The judges’ decisions are final.
  • Without prior notice, MARKETING-INTERACTIVE reserves the right to merge categories or dissolve any categories should it be deemed necessary. Should a category or categories be dissolved, entries in that category/categories will be notified.
  • Please refer to the full terms & conditions in the Entry Guidelines.
  • The entrant agrees that MARKETING-INTERACTIVE or Lighthouse Independent Media will not accept responsibility for errors or omissions reproduced in the presentation of the DigiZ Awards, in MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, or for work lost or corrupted under any circumstances.
  • Any information or content intended for judging purposes only and NOT for republishing must be clearly indicated in red font or highlighted in red. Such information and content will not be shared in any way and privy for judging panel who will also maintain strict confidentiality.
  • The entrant otherwise grants MARKETING-INTERACTIVE permission to show material from the entries at the awards presentation, in the magazine and at such times as deemed appropriate.
  • The decisions of MARKETING-INTERACTIVE in all matters relating to the DigiZ Awards shall be final and binding.