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How about some ideas to advertise your products or services? Feel free to contact:
Karen Yung
Regional Business Development Director
Tel: +852 2695 6618 / +852 9777 7551
Email: kareny@lighthouse-media.com

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Custom Live

Custom Live is a live printing solution company, committed to powering up an event or campaign with its in-house software and hardware solution, fusing the vision and the theme in a way beyond imagination, with the interaction of the audience. Your customer can play with the software applications and upon finishing and submitting their draft, it generates a draft in which the machines and crew will take over to finish the product. Custom Live, with a proven record, collaborated with well-known brands and agencies, ranging from investment banking to the globalized retail industry, delivering professional live customization services, boosting the campaign’s effectiveness, and providing data for analysis.

Why Sponsor?

Agency of the Year Awards is the annual awards for agencies looking to leverage MARKETING-INTERACTIVE‘s brand reputation in organising awards and to reach a wider network of potential clients for future business opportunities and also to position themselves as employers of choice.

Sponsoring Agency of the Year Awards offers an exclusive opportunity to co-brand with MARKETING-INTERACTIVE and to showcase your company to senior marketers and agencies to build the awareness of your brand and business solutions to decision makers

Your Sponsorship Benefits

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Put your brand in the spotlight

Through our integrated marketing campaign, you can gain extensive exposure and associate yourself with an event that your audience views positively.

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Quality face-to-face networking

Meet and network with over 300 top agency decision makers at one event space.

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Transform leads into customers

More exposure means more interest. More interest means more leads!

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Position yourself as an industry leader

Showcase your innovative technologies and expert services directly to decision-makers, across the industry.