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The past 2 years were definitely unusual and difficult years for the marketing industry. The ongoing challenges we faced made agencies pay additional time & effort to help their clients reframe their marketing strategy so that they can better engage with their customers. In such a difficult market environment, the hard work of agencies should go down in history and be remembered.

Recognised as Hong Kong’s premier awards programme, MARKETING-INTERACTIVE’s Agency of the Year Awards is back once again to measure, reward and recognise the industry’s top-performing agencies in Hong Kong.

Judged by a panel of senior marketers from influential brands, agencies will be assessed on their outstanding business performance, portfolio of clients and campaigns, teamwork, and contributions to the industry at large.


This year, 30 categories are open to entry; the agency with the highest overall score will be appointed the esteemed title of “Overall Agency of the Year”, while the “Local Hero of the Year” awards the best performing local agency.

What’s new in 2022?

Agency of the Year  Leader

Agency of the Year  Team

Here’s your chance to showcase your work with your team.

Don’t miss our deadline and we wish all entrants the very best of luck with their submissions!

Why Enter?

MARKETING-INTERACTIVE prides itself on developing events that reflect an ever-evolving industry, and on delivering the best possible opportunities for those who take part.

Since its inception, Agency of the Year Awards provide a clear channel for end users (senior, client-side marketers in Hong Kong) to assess and evaluate the agency landscape. The results of Agency of the Year have routinely been used by clients in the agency selection process.

By entering the Agency of the Year Awards 2022, you can:

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Showcase your best work, achievements and innovations to prospective clients

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Increase credibility and gain industry-wide recognition as an award-winning agency

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Receive extensive coverage across Marketing magazine and social media, before and after the event

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Raise your profile to help attract new business and new talent

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Remind current clients that you are still top of your game

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Celebrate your successes across your company and project teams

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Boost team morale and reward outstanding work

Make sure your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and your teams get the recognition they deserve!

Entries will close on Wednesday 16 March 2022 so start your entry today!

Judging Criteria

Your entry will be evaluated on the following four key areas:



Outline the performance of your company over the awards period. Consider the measurable metrics/statistics on the success of your business strategies in relation to the initial business objectives.



Detail how you have developed your product and service offering over the awards period. How they stand out from others in the industry?



Describe how you have succeeded in managing your teams, including development, retention and key talent hires.



Explain how you’ve communicated your company’s perspectives and points of view including industry contribution and thought-leadership.

JUDGING CRITERIA – Best Agency Culture



Describe how your company integrates workplace design and office culture together to maintain a positive and healthy work environment.



Elaborate on the effective internal communications that your company uses and how the communications help in improving collaboration, productivity and staff/business performance, as well as boosting morale.



Describe the strategic execution of incentives, training and development initiatives of your company. What makes them significant and unique?



Describe the strength of your agency culture and illustrate how a winning workplace culture becomes the key to a high-performing agency.

JUDGING CRITERIA – Agency Leader of the Year

Personal Profile


Outline of the individual’s profile. Describe the key roles, responsibilities, and years of experience of the individuals.



Elaborate your leadership and motivation at the agency. Illustrate how do you lead the agency with the people development and performance under your watch.



Describe the strategy and implementation you operate the agency. Demonstrate how effective you lead the agency in terms of operations, business growth, and reputation.



Demonstrate your most important achievements within the judging periods. Showcase the client retention under your watch and the commercial results against objectives.

JUDGING CRITERIA – Agency Team of the Year

Team profile


Outline of the team’s profile. Outline the key roles and responsibilities and years of experience.



Elaborate how you have developed clients’ campaigns over the eligibility period. Outline the strategic thinking of the works. Explained the creative ideas and innovation behind the clients’ campaigns.



Elaborate how you have excellent executed clients’ campaigns over the eligibility period. Describe how did you implement the core strategy to clients’ campaigns. What makes this significant and unique?



Outline how the team went above and beyond expectations and deserves recognition for their achievements. Showcased the successful results against objectives / KPIs.

Panel of Judges

Our expert judging panel will be announced soon. Keep an eye on our page for all updates on the judging panel.
If you interested in joining the judging panel, please contact Selina Kwok at +852 2695 6606 or


We would like to thank our past judges for their time and effort in 2021

Cherry Tsui

Cherry Tsui

Head of Digital Marketing

Bank of China

Bernard Cheng

Bernard Cheng

Regional Marketing Director


Ken Ip

Ken Ip

Group Head of Marketing/AGM

B.S.C. Group

Candy Yip

Candy Yip

Head of Channel Marketing

Carlsberg Group