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For sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Chua Soon Tzer

Regional Commercial Director, SEA
Tel: +65 6423 0329
Mobile: +65 9066 0353
Email: soontzerc@marketing-interactive.com

Why sponsor?

MARKies Awards is the annual awards for agencies looking to leverage on the MARKETING brand reputation in organizing awards and to reach a wider network potential clients for future business opportunities and also to position themselves as employers of choice.

Sponsoring MARKETING’s MARKies Awards offers an exclusive opportunity to co-brand with MARKETING and to showcase your company to senior marketers and agencies to build the awareness of your brand and business solutions to decision makers

Your Sponsorship Benefits

Put your brand in the spotlight

Through our integrated marketing campaign, you can gain extensive exposure and associate yourself with an event that your audience views positively.

Quality face-to-face networking

Meet and network with over 300 top agency decision makers and senior client-side marketers all at one event space – MARKies Awards

Transform leads into customers

More exposure means more interest. More interest means more leads!

Position yourself as an industry leader

Showcase your innovative technologies and expert services directly to decision-makers, across the industry.


Let us show you how you can cut through media clutter and stand out among your target audiences as the brand and business solution for both marketers and agency owners. We have the right platform for you.

Contact Chua Soon Tzer at soontzerc@marketing-interactive.com or +65 6423 0329.